Your point-of-sale terminal is essential to your venue’s operations and servicing customers when they visit. However, once customers make their initial transaction there are few opportunities to engage with them outside the outlet. Investing in mobile POS technology that allows staff to deliver good service and place orders from a single device is key to increasing sales, customer interactions and the time spent in your venue. Here’s how staff can uplift sales using SENPOS GO to become proactive with customer service.

Why uplifting matters?

Table service is a service commonly found in restaurants and creates more opportunities to check-in with customers and offer additional drinks, desserts and more, therefore boosting the overall spending per customer. For venues in the club, pub and golf club (or similar) space, it can be challenging to offer this based on their typically larger venue size.

Investing in a handheld POS can create similar opportunities offered via table service, with the convenience of taking payment on-the-go. The capabilities are endless when considering the areas of comfort your customers enjoy throughout your venue, including:

  • Servicing customers outdoors by offering another drink
  • Highlighting a coffee and cake Upsell Promotion to bistro diners
  • Serving customers in gaming/raffle areas

Improve staff training and communication

Training staff can be time-consuming and costly, whether it’s a new starter or upskilling existing staff on new responsibilities. While learning about products and how to use the POS system is important, getting staff used to communicating with customers beyond their initial purchase can be challenging. You can instil confidence in staff by implementing a mobile POS device that functions like your terminal, with the added convenience of being handheld with built-in EFTPOS – making it wireless and wearable. Considering this, it’s worthwhile for venues to implement a mobile POS solution that allows staff to be proactive in servicing customers enhances the customer experience and can generate more sales.

Maximising membership

Customers seek to gain value from every purchase they make, which is why membership is also important to mention during conversations with customers. Customers can swipe their membership card on SENPOS GO to ensure they make the most of your loyalty program by earning points, redeeming rewards and even participating in promotions. As customers continue to be decisive about where and when they spend their money to combat the cost of living, venues with stellar customer service and compelling membership programs are likely to stand out compared to others, while also encouraging customers to spend more time in your venue.

Keeping your venue flexible to the needs of your customers is key to standing out from other venues and uplifting sales, which is where enhancing your point-of-sale suite with a handheld POS like SENPOS GO is worth considering to achieve this. With in-house development and support, a user-friendly interface, and more industry-leading features, SENPOS GO is perfect for clubs, golf clubs, and other venues. Book a demo and see how you can add value to your venue.