09. SENPOS Training – Stocktake

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https://vimeo.com/329272479 SENPOS Stocktake is used to manage the sites stock levels. It can calculate Variances and Valuations for the period of the stocktake by considering open count from last stocktake, sales, purchases and current count. This will allow the site to regularly highlight any stock control issues and address areas in the business that needs [...]

03. SENPOS Training – Creating a PLU

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https://vimeo.com/328341005 PLU stands for Price Look Up. PLU’s are products that are sold by the venue. The PLU is where the sell prices are kept, and the barcodes are added for scanning products at a terminal. PLU’s are linked back to a stock item to deduct the portion of stock used. This is known as [...]

Ideas for Evolved Hospitality in Australia

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Hospitality has been one of the key industries affected by COVID-19 and most venue owners across Australia have been forced to make significant operational changes and quickly adapt to the circumstantial impacts of the virus. For those trading through this the ever-evolving situation, coming up with ways to meet this changed market has been quite a challenge. Here are 8 ideas to consider: Create [...]